Absolutely safe

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Strong security provided by security experts

The PlayWallet team consists of people with extensive security experience. The latest encryption technology applied by security professionals keeps encrypted assets and transactions secure.

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More secure with multiple security devices

We use every method to keep your wallet safe. Experience excellent security with mnemonic, OTP and secure cloud backup.

Convenient and perfect complementary
application through cloud backup

Simple operation procedure

With your PlayCoin account you can login to your wallet. Not a PlayCoin member yet? You can create an account in just 30 seconds.

Free your worries from mnemonic

Are you afraid to lose your mnemonic? Cloud Backup will keep your wallet assets safe even if you were to lose your mnemonics.

Try Cloud Backup with the latest security technology.
Using your wallet will become more convenient and secure.

B2B Wallet


  • Cryptocurrency payment system
  • Issued exclusive coins
  • Blockchain system infra
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Corporate-only B2B Wallet supports Cryptocurrency integration service

As an enterprise that wants to apply blockchain to services such as games and commerce,
we provide cryptocurrency integration service through B2B PlayWallet

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