1.Installation and Generate Wallet

App download and Installation

Touch Installation

Touch open

Service introduction screen

A simple introductory screen for users who are new to Play Wallet. You can go to the next step by touching the Skip button in the upper right corner or the button in the lower right corner.

Skip introduction continue watching introductory

Choose how to create your wallet

If you've just installed a new app, you can create a new wallet in Play Wallet or recover an existing Wallet. The mnemonic used to create or restore a wallet is a combination of twelve English words that makes it easy for users to memorize and store complex private keys in a block chain. If you choose Create New Wallet, you will proceed to create a new wallet with the new mnemonic. If a user with a previous wallet is recovering their Wallet through Play Wallet, you can take advantage of cloud backup recovery and mnemonic recovery. However, cloud backup recovery requires a Play Coin account.

New users click "create new wallet"

Create new mnemonic

When you create a new wallet, a mnemonic is automatically created. Storing a mnemonic in a network-accessible electronic device or in the form of a file can cause hacking and may result in lost cryptographic assets. Please keep a note or print it in a safe place physically. You can see the 12 words that make up the newly created mnemonics.

Automatically generated mnemonic complete!

Keep your mnemonic in a safe place!

Check mnemonic

You will be prompted to confirm the newly created mnemonics to create a new wallet. Look at the mnemonic you've taken note of and type the word in order by touching it in the list below. If you do not remember your mnemonic, you can return to the previous step and note the mnemonic again.

Touch mnemonics words in order

2.Set up cloud backup ⁄ app password

Cloud backup support

With Cloud Backup, you do not need to bother with mnemonic input when recovering your wallet. Playback coin account login is required for cloud backup. Even if you do not use a cloud backup, there is no problem with Wallet usage. Do not have a Play Coin account? Create an account with a simple procedure and try Cloud Backup.

Account creation required if you do not have a PlayCoin account

Create Play Coin account

Touch to accept the required terms

Enter and touch without missing items

Enter the authentication number sent by email and touch "OK"

OTP authentication for cloud backup

OTP authentication enhances security when using cloud backup. Before you can use OTP, you must install a separate OTP app and register the security keys provided by the Playwallet. You can obtain OTP code by registering the security 2FA key provided by Play Wallet in the OTP app. Security 2FA keys are essential to reinstall the OTP app and must be remembered. Enter the 6 digit code issued by the OTP app to complete OTP authentication.

Install separate OTP apps to enroll security keys

Go to the next step

Enter the 6-digit code provided by the OTP app

Set App Password

Finally, set up an app password to finish using your wallet. App passwords are required when you run your app to send passwords.

Enter 6-digit password

3.Use your wallet

Main screen

On the main screen of Play Wallet, you can see a list of your encryption money wallet and the value of your assets in real time. The total sum of all assets you have is shown above and you can also change the position by touching each wallet with a long touch. A monetary unit that displays the value of an asset is based on the language it uses.

Touch to go to wallet detail screen

Add wallet

Play Wallet now supports Bit Coin (BTC), Ether Lane (ETH), Play Coin (PLY), and Quantum (QTUM). Supported passwords will continue to be added. Play Wallet supports multiple wallets, so you can easily manage your assets by creating multiple wallets if you need the same password.

Touch to add a new wallet

Wallet detail screen

Touch each wallet on the main screen to go to the details screen for that wallet. In the wallet detail screen, you can see the transaction history that occurred in your wallet and send and receive passwords.

Send password currency

You can easily send your passwords by entering your wallet address directly or by scanning your other wallet address with a QR code. When you send a cryptogram, you have to pay a fee, which is the cost of processing the transaction in the block chain. You can adjust the commission to expedite the time it takes to process the transaction, but it is recommended that users who are not familiar with the currency transaction use the default commission setting.

Or pass your wallet address to the other party

Recieve cryptocurrency

You can easily receive your passwords in your wallet by scanning the QR code in the other person's wallet. You can also copy your wallet address and share your passwords with Messenger and SNS.

Touch "Send" after input amount, address, and fee